Reduce Heating Costs – Air Sealing, Insulating, and Taxes

It has been a very hot summer and the spike in electric bills for air conditioning is on many people’s minds.  Did you know that in Southeast Pennsylvania, our climate requires more heating than cooling?  For many people the cost of heating is 10-15 times higher than the cost of cooling.   What can you do to lower your heating costs?  You have to find ways to reduce demand (less heat loss) or reduce consumption (more efficient furnace).

Fall is the time to prepare for the heating season.  Have you looked at the windows and doors to see if the seals and weatherstripping are OK?   Have you scheduled a furnace cleaning and tuneup?  Have you changed your air filter?    These are the simple things that you can do to prepare for the heating season.

If you are thinking of making improvements to take advantage of the 2010 tax incentives for home energy retrofits, do you know which changes are the best choice for your home?  How can you determine if its best to add insulation, replace a furnace, replace windows?  How do you get the information you need to make the decision?  This is what a thorough energy audit can provide.  The energy audit looks at your home’s condition, and provides a range of improvement choices and the payback you will receive.  Get an energy audit and be an informed consumer.  Learn what you can do to reduce your energy consumption, and reap the benefits of lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint.