PECO Customers have new electricity suppliers – a PECO shopping guide

The deregulation changes for PECO customers are now coming to light.  Electric rates, transition charges, variable rates, and rate blocks are all being modified.  Most of us have  never had to shop for electricity, so it would be prudent to start looking at the new energy suppliers and learning more the competitive electric offers.  The prices will be slightly higher, so usage reduction is still important.  You don’t have to do anything to stay with PECO, switching to a new supplier is up to you.

PECO’s 2011 residential rates have been published for the first quarter of 2011, and all the suppliers are basing their offers on that price.   Another change is coming for electric heating customers – the special winter rates will be phased out by the end of 2012 (article).  This applies to residential customers who have the Residential Heat tariff.

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported on the retail energy suppliers that are making offers to PECO customers (article).  If you are a PPL or First Energy customer many of these suppliers have an offer for your service area too. If you don’t go jump to the article, these are the suppliers that have listed rate offers with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

BlueStar Energy Solutions; 1-866-258-3782,

Champion Energy Services; 1-877-404-0842,

Commerce Energy; 1-877-226-5392, 1-800-556-8457;

Dominion Energy Solutions; 1-888-863-9936,

Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania; 1-215-413-2122,

Gateway Energy Services Corp.; 1-888-601-3141,

North American Power; 1-888-313-9086,

Palmco Power PA; 1-877-726-5862,

Respond Power; 1-877-973-7763,

Spark Energy; 1-877-374-8011,

Verde Energy USA; 1-800-388-3862;

To learn more about electric choice, go to  You can also go to the Pennsylvania Office of the Consumer Advocate and get a free Peco shopping guide (  If you have questions, contact me.