For Home Owners

A home energy audit finds affordable ways to keep your home comfortable in winter and summer.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is a comprehensive review of your home and its energy usage. In a comprehensive audit , we check:

  • the building envelope (the roof, walls, and floors),
  • the appliances,
  • the heating and cooling system,
  • and lighting.

The audit evaluates your home as a complete system to determine energy usage, energy losses, and identify energy savings measures.

Our recommendations provide a road map that you can follow to improve your homes energy efficiency, increase comfort, and save money by reducing energy usage.  Most homes have heating and cooling systems that are far too big for the home, wasting energy and reducing comfort. Before you buy a new furnace or air conditioner,  let us review your home and its requirements – we help you make sense of your options!

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Reasons for an Energy Audit

  • Want to know if energy bills can be lowered?
  • Want better home comfort?
  • Are you planning on making home improvements?
  • Should you replace old appliances or furnace for a tax credit?
  • Should you replace windows?
  • Some rooms are too cold or too warm
  • Ice-dams or icicles formed on the roof in winter
  • Why is the air so dry in winter?
  • Indoor air is too humid in summer
  • Bathroom walls are wet after a shower
  • You feel mysterious drafts of cool air in winter
  • It is hard to regulate the temperature in the house
  • House gets too cold before the heating system turns on in winter
  • House gets too hot before cooling system turns on in summer
  • The house often seems stuffy or poorly ventilated
  • Mold, mildew or musty odors sometimes present

For most American homes, the biggest problem is air leakage which can defeat even best insulated homes and run up your utility bills and show up as uncomfortable rooms.

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