DSB Energy Services Opens for Business April 19

DSB Energy Services LLC opened for business on April 19, to help homeowners in Bucks and Montgomery counties cope with soaring energy costs. By the end of 2010, both utilities serving these counties — PP&L and PECO — will have raised residential energy rates by as much as 20%. DSB Energy Services is an independent and locally owned business based in North Wales, Pennsylvania.

“DSB Energy Services helps our customers cut their energy bill and their federal tax bills,” said David Berg, founder and owner of DSB Energy Services. “We provide honest, expert advice and we do not take commissions on the products or services that we recommend.”

Homeowners are often confused by the many ways to waste less energy in their homes. Air sealing, spray foam insulation, blown insulation, fiberglass insulation, duct sealing, weather stripping, compact fluorescent light bulbs, Energy Star appliances, and other items all help to some degree. But each home is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution.

“For homeowners who want to cut their gas and electricity bills, getting a home energy audit is a smart first step,” Berg said.

DSB Energy Services works with homeowners to produce a roadmap to saving energy, saving money, and improving the comfort of their home. Those who own energy efficient homes take pride knowing that they are doing their part to prevent pollution, too. We work with you, the homeowner, to find answers to the following questions:

  • How is energy utilized in your home?
  • Is the home properly sealed for air leaks and effectively insulated?
  • What are your options to make cost effective improvements?
  • What loans and other financial incentives are available to help you make your investment?
  • What tax credits would you be eligible for once the work is done?

“Often homeowners can save more money with inexpensive repairs than they can with new windows or other big ticket items,” Berg said. “And most homeowners are eligible for tax credits, utility rebates, or low interest loans for the big ticket items that are necessary.”

Visit DSB Energy online to get a free quote for a home energy audit in Bucks or Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. Or Contact DSB Energy Services directly at 215.997.7186 or write dberg@dsbenergy.com.