Home Audit Price and Benefits

A home energy audit is an investment in the long term comfort and energy efficiency of your home. The investment will provide payback every month as long as you own your home, and can improve your home’s resale value.

We want our review be thorough, so we plan our time for the work based on a couple of factors –  the size of your home and if you have a forced air heating/cooling system.  A larger home requires more time to test and review.  Homes with forced air heating or cooling have duct work that may require leakage testing.


Most home energy audits range from $300 to $750 dollars depending on the size of the house.  This includes complete inspection, combustion safety test, air leakage tests, full report and recommendations.  For more information contact DSB Energy Services for a quote, we will be happy to answer your questions.


With most audits a 10% energy savings can be identified on the spot.  In many homes an additional 15-20% energy usage reduction can be seen after implementing the recommendations.  You could see a payback on the audit investment in 1-2 years. In many older homes energy savings of up to 50% are common.