Contractors and Builders

DSB Energy Services offers diagnostic testing for home builders and home owners.  If you are building or updating a home, the new energy codes require that new homes or additions meet higher building standards to save energy.   If your community has adopted the new building codes then the home will require testing to confirm building code compliance.

Duct Leakage Testing – test duct work for leakage, both Total Leakage and Leakage to Outside. These tests are performed on new installations for code reporting, and on existing homes to diagnose HVAC performance problems.

Blower Door Testing – determines the total air leakage of a home. This test is performed on new installations for design verification and building code compliance.  The tests are performed on existing systems to diagnose building shell performance problems.

Infra Red Camera Analysis – identify heat/air pathways in building envelope to provide specific air sealing and insulation guidance.

Code Compliance reporting – using REM/Rate software to document and report code compliance of home construction elements (walls,ceilings, floors, windows).

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