Before You Buy a House

Home Buyer – You’ve had the home inspection, now do you know how much it will cost to live in your new home?  Are there improvements that can be made to improve comfort and lower the cost? Should you replace the furnace or AC, add insulation, reduce air leakage?

Most new home owners will invest money to improve their new home, and energy improvements will save you money, improve comfort and reduce your energy usage.

Homes that were built 50 years ago, often have little or no insulation and no air sealing.  Residential building codes have gradually improved in the last 50 years, so newer homes are more efficient. Older homes can be made more efficient, often seeing improvements of 50% or more!  Homes that are 20 years old can see the same improvement.

A home energy audit will identify the homes thermal performance and identify the parts of the house that are below current energy standards, make recommendations for improvements, and estimate the cost of living in the home.

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